Message from Charley

Hi I am Charley, I am 34 and a mummy to Aurelia who is now 18 months. Back in January 2016, I was told I only had a few months to live. I had cancer.

I was devastated and just not ready to die. My little girl needed me and the thought of not seeing her grow up was too much. I spent two months in hospital and the doctors tried to remove the main tumour, however, due to its size and location they were unable to do so. This is when I was told I would be lucky to make it home and would be dead by March.

The rare form of cancer I am suffering from is so rare it won’t identify itself, it spread rapidly through my vital organs, with tumours currently in my stomach, liver and peritoneum.

In February, the doctors allowed me a course of chemotherapy. Although the odds were against me, I wanted a chance to live. To date I have endured six rounds of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy I have been prescribed is so aggressive, I will only be able to have one more round due to the effects on my heart.

It has had positive results and although it has made me really sick, the main tumour has shrunk. The doctors believe this is temporary and the cancer will get clever and start to grow again. Which is why I am desperate to try immunotherapy – this, I know, is my last chance.

As my cancer is so rare, the NHS won’t cover the cost of immunotherapy because they don’t think the outcome will be positive.  But my incredible friends and family refuse to give up and have all volunteered to help me fundraise for the huge cost of the groundbreaking treatment which has been hailed as the potential cure for many other cancers and possibly mine.

If I don’t make it I hope to be able to help others in the same situation as me. That’s why, should it happen and we don’t raise enough, on my death, any money raised will go to the Rarer Cancers Foundation.

Rarer Cancers Foundation is a small national cancer charity that focuses on rare and less common cancers. With over 50% of cancer deaths coming as a result of a rare or less common cancer they provide the voice for rarer cancer sufferers.

Please help spread the word, get involved in one of our many events, or donate here!
Love Charley x