The Next Phase……

My final blog begins a new phase for Cure4Charley  ….


The fight and the love that we all put into finding a cure4charley, was not in vain. No-one feels the pain and the loss more than Charley’s family and I, when we were not able to save her life, but so many of you lived this journey with us, and I hope you can continue to keep in your hearts the lessons we have all learnt along the way.

It was a wonderful life Charley lived and she was such a beautiful person, you only had to see her smile or hear her laugh to realise that. She cared so much for others and lived her life in the hopes that one day she could make a difference. She did. She has made such a difference in all of our hearts and I know that I will hold her courage and spirit in my heart till the day I die; I only hope I can be as brave, kind-hearted and dignified when my final days come.

In Charley’s memory, her incredible sister Harriet has decided to set up a charity to help others dealing with equally difficult prognoses. It is something Charley discussed at length with Harriet and I and would have become her vocation should she have been able to beat this terrible disease.

The Charity will be called “The Ashton Foundation” and will aim to make a difference to those who feel lost and alone in their battles with cancer on account of them not fitting the umbrella of any previously established diagnosis.

It is a lonely place having a disease no-one knows about and an even lonelier place when no-one is prepared to offer you hope. So Harriet, being so similar to her sister has decided that it is not acceptable for people to feel like this and with the support of Charley’s angels who set up the initial campaign, we intend to carry out Charley’s wishes.

The Ashton Foundation will be formally established and launched on August 11th 2017, which is Charley’s Birthday and a day we will aim to waterski for her each year and remember the inspiring battle she fought. Only a year ago today did she have the strength and determination to get up on a single ski and waterski for the final time, even when her body was full of Chemo and was saying no, Charley never took no for an answer, she was remarkable like that.

The remaining sum of £30,000 will be used to set up the charitable fund of The Ashton Foundation and there is a link above to the new website. Harriet has set out her Mission statement and the objectives of the charity and then it is up to you if you wish to continue with us on our journey to make a difference to those struggling with a rare cancer. With over 50% of cancer deaths coming as a result of a rare or less common cancer we will aim to provide a voice for rarer cancer sufferers. I am well aware that most of us all support a variety of charities and there are so many people in need, but even if you follow the page and possibly find an event that sparks your interest, it would be wonderful to keep in touch.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you are all wonderful people and we wouldn’t be able to continue Charley’s legacy in such a positive way if it hadn’t been for your support.

Jess and Aurelia x

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