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Sarcoma UK Donation

After much consideration the Cure4Charley fund is finally being put to good use, and will hopefully improve the lives of others with rare cancers. The fund will be split between 3 Charities, the first of which is Sarcoma UK. The Cancer Charley suffered with was a form of Sarcoma called Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour. Sarcoma Uk is a relatively small charity that packs a big punch.

A donation of £60,000 has been made to Sarcoma UK and will have an enormous impact on the lives of those affected by sarcoma and their families. Sarcoma UK funds ground breaking research with the aim of finding a cure for sarcoma. They also provide vital support to help people cope with the devastating effects of sarcoma and the problems people face with trying to find treatments in an area where very little research has been carried out.


Sarcoma UK is recognised as one of the leading funders of sarcoma research in the UK. Despite their relatively small size, they have contributed £1million into sarcoma research in the last two years alone. Information about their current funded grants is on their website:  They have a new set of grants that will be announced next month including a project that is investigating a new form of viral immunotherapy, and also a pathology project that is investigating how a blood test could be used to identify genetic markers that may result in easier and quicker diagnosis for sarcoma. On Friday 30th June, we met to talk about whether we would like to support a particular project or whether we would like the donation to support research across all of the funded projects.


Sarcoma UK’s own expert nurse specialists – Helen and Sam – provide support and information about sarcoma through their national Support Line service. They help people with sarcoma and their families navigate the complexities of a sarcoma diagnosis and treatment options, offering much-needed emotional support. They have been described as a “lifeline” by many callers. Since the service was launched in February 2016, they have supported over 1000 people affected by sarcoma and their families.

Ultimately we are looking at setting up a ‘group fund’ called Charley’s Fund which you will now be able to see on the Sarcoma UK Website. These are very special funds that have been set up by family and friends through Sarcoma UK to recognise the achievements of a loved one. Here is the link to Charley’s Research Fund. Charley’s Fund will look at heavily supporting the research element, but may also help to fund the support network for families dealing with the disease. Please refer to this for updates on how the money is working for others.

I will write again to give information of the next donation to be made on Tuesday to Martlets Hospice. Thank you all for your continued support.

Jess x


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