A little Christmas update from Charley’s brother and sister… Olly and Harriet. All we want for Christmas is a Cure 4 Charley…

Charley has always been the strong one; the one to take the lead, the one to offer advice, the bossy one, the decision maker, the protective big sister. However, it is now our time to be the strong ones, to protect her and to help our sister fight harder than ever to beat the evil disease that is cancer.

2016 has been a pretty cruel year for Charley’s family and friends but it has honestly brought us all so close together; we are a team, we are stronger than ever and we WILL fight this.

Charley has had a very tough time since the cycle4charley bike ride, spending over 2 months in hospital, away from our gorgeous niece Aurelia and beautiful sister in law, Jess. They both have had a very difficult time without Charley being around. Charley has undergone five rounds of chemotherapy and has been on copious amounts of strong pain relief. Charley’s consultant was not satisfied with the results of her previous chemo as the tumour was shrinking, but not shrinking fast enough. So, she has started her on a new type of chemo which is resulting in some pretty nasty side effects, making her quite unwell, very weak and unable to carry out daily tasks.

On top of all this, Charley has had a couple of setbacks in the form of nasty infections and abscesses, one of which was on her liver and had to be drained. This meant she was in constant pain and unable to go home. But, you know what, our sister is a warrior and she is not giving up the fight. Charley will be back in hospital on Monday to have some more chemotherapy, we will then see how she reacts and fingers crossed we can have her home for Christmas…..

Immunotherapy is still the plan of attack for Charley if chemotherapy is not the answer. As Charley’s type of cancer is so rare (the only type in the world!) they are unsure of the best course of action, so unfortunately it’s a lot of trial and error at the moment. We have to be patient and see how Charley reacts to the new chemo first.

We have now raised nearly £150K to fund Charley’s treatments, whatever they may be, and we are so touched by everyone’s continuing generosity and support. We are hoping to begin immunotherapy as soon as we are given the green light, but in the meantime it is a waiting game to see how Charley reacts to the new chemo. With an estimate of £100,000 per year, immunotherapy doesn’t come cheap, so we will be racking our brains in the new year for new fund raising ideas. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Something that has really struck a chord in all of us over this last year is how much people take for granted. It is so easy to be sad about what you haven’t got, complain about mundane things and it’s not as easy to be grateful for what you do have. Your health is the most important gift you have, so cherish that. Please.

We are so lucky to have such an amazing family and such a supportive network of friends. Yes, things could be so much better right now and Charley could be cured, but we have been dealt our cards and we absolutely have to play the hell out of them, now more than ever.

We ask that you join Charley’s Angels and help Charley keep the fight alive over Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and here is to a PHENOMENAL 2017!

Olly and Harry x


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