How often do you hear ‘Teenagers are amazing’…..Well you heard it here first!

I have to write this blog from the heart today, it might not be the best piece of writing but hopefully it will give you an incite into the kind of day I have had. Being a teacher is one of those jobs where you just never know what each day will bring and what each child will throw in your path, but I really was not expecting today……

Firstly I met up with a very special young lady called Darcy Hogg, she is a year 11 student at Dorothy Stringer School, who has many talents, one of which is she likes to keep fit at the gym. Her mum wrote to me to explain that when Darcy was asked what she would like for her 16th Birthday, her reply was to raise money for her teacher and specifically her wife. She said that “Darcy was deeply touched by Charley’s fight for life, she was determined to help in some way”. So she did!

Darcy set herself the challenge at her gym to do 4 hours of Spinning (something she finds the most challenging) over 2 days. She also made snacks to sell and promoted her event herself. Not only did Darcy do all of this for someone she has not met, she also donated her birthday money too and raised £290 for #cure4charley.

So in year 11 pupils have a lot on their plates, with up coming exams and various pressures to grow up too soon and be someone that the media tells them they should be, but the more time I spend around young people, the more I think they often get painted in a bad light and not enough is done to praise and promote them and their success.

Well another fantastic young lady came to see me today, who quite separately and unknowingly had asked her family for a skydive for her 16th Birthday, so that she too could raise money for #Cure4charley. Millie Sadberry also from Dorothy Stringer School, is going to throw herself out of an Aeroplane at 15,000ft, at Skydive buzz in Devon on 28th October. Her brother has kindly offered to buy the GoPro footage for her birthday, so hopefully we can share the big event with you soon.

Now I have met some special people in my life, but at 16, Darcy and Millie have to be some of the kindest most thoughtful people anyone could wish to have in their lives and I just want to say from the bottom of our hearts thank you……..I hope that one day our daughter Aurelia can grow up to be just like you two!

This level of empathy from such young people has really made me think that I am not half the person they are. To care for others so deeply to be moved to actually help and in such a big way, is an amazing and rare quality girls, I hope you continue through life being such an inspiration to all you meet.

Jess (A.K.A Miss Grindley) x

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