Looking forward…

We may have hit our fundraising target, and indeed Charley is now onto the next part of the journey to seek the treatment she needs to beat this wretched disease, but the journey doesn’t end here and nor should it.

None of us should lose our gusto we have had for the fundraising or slow our support for the cure4charley campaign as it goes beyond this. We should maintain our efforts going forward; not only for Charley but others impacted by this terrible illness. With such a high percentage of people battling cancer, I certainly feel a duty to keep supporting this cause and making sure that we fight to give everyone the best chance to live a happy and healthy life. I am not sure that everyone will have so many Charley’s Angels at the ready…

So I ask us all not to forget the journey we have been on and to remember that there are so many people who we pass by in the street who could be fighting this very battle. Having seen total strangers, family and friends achieving such incredible feats in the recent weeks, raising money, supporting Charley and most importantly offering hope in a time when it seemed nothing was possible. Why stop now?

The cure4charley campaign has been incredibly successful. What have we done that can be shared for future fundraisers? I think a few factors saw our GoFundMe page increase minute by minute:

  • Using social media, allowing us to share our message to hundreds of people at no cost. We reached people around the world and even had retweets and donations from celebrities!
  • You don’t have to be an athlete to raise money! One of our biggest successes was Gold4Charley.
  • It sounds cliché but no idea is a bad idea.
  • Getting different people involved as everyone has something to bring to the table – friends, friends of friends, family and local businesses. You aren’t alone fundraising, you would be surprised at the number of people who want to help, so let them!
  • Last but not least don’t forget the first 3 letters of FUNdraising!

So, in the spirit of not stopping, it is time to remind you that we still have more fundraising events in the pipeline for cure4charley so please keep your eyes peeled!

In this month alone we will have a quiz4charley taking place at the Sidewinder on the 6th September, 7.30pm and fast approaching is also the cycle4charley, 25th September riding from London to Brighton ending up at the Big Beach café for one hell of a party. Head to our events page to sign up now!

From one of Charley’s Angels x



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