So we smashed £100k!! What now?

What an amazing night it was at the Party4Charley! The absolutely perfect time to reach the magical target which will enable her to begin her fight for survival.

While we reached a tremendous milestone by smashing the £100k (currently the total stands at just over £106k), now begins the start of a terrifying journey for Charley as she desperately searches for a form of treatment which will fight the cancer and give her more time with her family.

Charley and Jess have been having consultations with a couple of doctors who are globally renowned in the field of rare cancer. One in America, who they are having phone conference consultations with and one up in London. They are currently trying to find the person who thinks they have the best chance of providing effective treatment for her.

Then Charley will begin the course of treatment that is considered to be the most suitable. At the moment, it is hoped that this will be immunotherapy. However, it’s a journey into the unknown, because of the incredibly rare nature of the cancer and the drugs, which are still in their trial stages.

At this point no one is able to predict how well the treatment will go and how much it will cost. And while Jess and Charley remain tremendously strong, they are terrified about what the future holds.

Thanks to the website and campaign, Charley has had a lot of contact and advice about alternative therapies. She is currently on an alkaline vegan diet and also having therapies which include reiki, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and yoga in the effort to keep her body as fit and healthy as she can while they wait for referrals.

But all of these appointments, consultations etc cost money and with the percentage that Go Fund Me take for allowing the fundraising page, currently the total sits at just over £99,000. This is why we will keep on raising funds until she has the money that she needs, for the treatment that she needs. Whatever the cost.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this campaign so far. The tremendous outpouring of love, kindness and generosity has been invaluable. Please continue to keep an eye on the website for further updates on the fundraising events still to come and share the campaign far and wide on social media.



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