Community is the key…


It is amazing to think that it was only 4 weeks ago that Cure4Charley was launched, and in that time 1800 people have donated to raise a huge £85,000! (Yes I like my statistics).

The target is only £15k away and we are nearing the end of the campaign, but the journey for Charley and her family is really just beginning.

As a close friend of Charley and Jess (and more recently an “angel”), I have been at the heart of seeing how the campaign has brought hope, joy, determination and most of all love to Charley and her family.

I always knew that we would reach the target, but what was completely underestimated was the new relationships that this campaign would form.

Cure4Charley has become a new community. It has brought together friends, family and businesses to fundraise, to work together and in lots of cases to have fun. It has brought together different peoples’ skills and minds to think of ideas, to plan and to fundraise. It has also shared many tears 🙂

I started to think about why this campaign has been so successful so quickly (businesses generally aren’t!) and the answer was easy.

It is because we all love Charley. We all have a common goal.

We are all passionate about why we are doing this, we’re scared of what could happen, determined to keep our friend or family member alive. We will do anything we can to help, so we fight and we won’t give up. These feelings are within all of us and that’s why this community is so strong and so successful.

The community of Cure4Charley won’t stop at £100k it will continue to grow as a bigger support network for Charley and her family and most of all, a support network for each other.

Thank you for all that you have done.

Together, we can do this, and very soon…. we will have done 🙂

From one of the angels xx


What’s coming up this week:


The Microsoft team are running a raffle to raise money for Cure4Charley. If you would like the chance to win an Xbox One and some Xbox games, then please donate £5 to our team’s JustGiving page. When you do donate, please put your name and then put ‪#raffle4charley. We will then respond with your raffle ticket number.

Fundraising page:…

PARTY 4 CHARLEY August 25, 2016

We are throwing a huge Party4Charley at the North Laine Pub in Brighton on Thursday 25th August 2016. We’re lucky enough to know some amazing people who are donating their time and resources from live entertainers to live DJ’s.

There will be some great entertainment offered, amazing raffle prizes up for grabs and good fun all round. Plus purchase a Cure4Charley wristband (available at the bar) and enjoy 20% off food and drink all night! Full information can be found here.

CLIMB 4 CHARLEY August 25, 2016

Another amazing challenge is underway… This time a very good friend and family member, Christopher Jessop and three of his friends, are attempting the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge. Not to be confused with the National 3 Peaks Challenge, this one is local to Charley’s birth city of Sheffield and a place very close to her heart. The challenge consists of a total ascent of 1672 meters and a walking distance of 23.5 miles, all to be completed within a 12 hour period. The 3 summits are Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough.

We wish you all the very best of luck with this challenge guys, and with your fundraising attempts. If you would like to sponsor them to do this please donate to Cure 4 Charley putting  ‘3 peaks’ in the comments.


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