Message from the mountains!

Hey guys!

Here is the update after Day 11 of #hike4charley. (I would have updated you all yesterday but I spent the night in the lovely Refuge de Plate at an altitude of 2032m, with no phone service).

Having covered 9566m of vertical ascent and spent 62 hours in the mountains, I’m pretty tired, but excited for the next bit of the adventure to continue to raise awareness for beautiful Charley.

#Hike4Charley days 6,7,8,9,10,11 were an incredible 6 days of hiking in Chamonix (just check out the pix!) And, thanks to the fantastic efforts of Charley’s family and friends promoting the cause, we have already raised £65,000 to try to give Charley Ashton the chance to have immunotherapy.

Please continue with your wonderful generosity and share the message far and wide. See you all soon!

Love, Emily x

Oh, and in case you’re interested in my routes:

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