The golden oldies are on board! Discover, Bridge 4 Charley!

By Andrea Grindley (Granny, mother-in-law)

When three score years and ten is looming, (or for some a dim memory) hiking, cycling, waterskiing, climbing or even burpees (whatever they are, they sound painful) are no longer possible but nevertheless on the ‘I wish list’.

But that’s the point isn’t it?
We’ve had those opportunities and all the others along the way. When you meet young people with a life limiting illness it makes you grateful for all that you have enjoyed in life. When that person is very close to you and you love them very much it is truly heart breaking.


So what can we do I thought?

A Supper and Bridge Evening with prizes, that’s the one, linked with a “grand prize draw”. So, the bar has been set.. (Literally, we do like a tipple, us golden oldies). The date is October 14, 2016, at the Coplow Centre in Billesdon, Leicestershire, with a maximum of 20 tables.

Already someone has kindly secured the venue and amazing prizes are being donated (target £600). People are being so kind and all donations are gratefully received!

We are also doing a similar event in the afternoon with tea, sandwiches and home made cakes. So watch this space……..
Every penny we raise will not only benefit Charley but everyone with a rare cancer. This is because the Royal Marsden Hospital desperately needs to find people willing to undertake immunotherapy and pay for it themselves as NHS funding isn’t available in this field i.e. treating rare cancers.

The more people who step forward to try immunotherapy, the greater chance that the medical professionals have of discovering more about its effects and whether it could be the cancer cure we’ve all been waiting for. (And as someone who has survived cancer herself I know first hand how much we need to fight this devastating disease).

I was greatly saddened to hear that despite Charley’s current improvement, once chemotherapy has finished there is nowhere else to turn and the cancer will be able to take hold once more, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Immunotherapy has been developed for leukaemia sufferers with wonderful results so here’s hoping they can develop it for rare organ cancer too.

Thanks for reading this and a very big thank you to our friends and family for their love, prayers, help and support.
Andrea Grindley xx

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