Charley update from The Godfather!

by Chris Jessop

“There are things that have to be done and you do them” – The Godfather
This might seem a random quote and most likely out of context but I’m in the privileged position to be godfather to both Jess and Aurelia and have enormous love for Charley, so on this occasion I thought it was appropriate and that we should all own it!

In a week where so many incredible people, family members, friends, friends of friends and beautiful strangers have been touched, inspired and genuinely moved by Charley’s story, there has been no question about what needs to be done, the bar has been set and through sheer generosity, support and love, dreams are becoming a reality! By the hour the donations just keep coming in. From far and wide, we have all been moved and motivated beyond belief by the supportive messages and much needed funds. At the time of writing this, Cure4Charley has raised a phenomenal £34,545 so it really seems as if our hopes and prayers could become a reality and
the prospect of immunotherapy for Charley much closer.

When I saw Charley at the beginning of the week, there was a huge smile on her face (she is so gorgeous!) and a real sense of positivity at the way that everyone has rallied round for her.

But this has been an really important week for her, she had a scan on Friday and tomorrow she will find out if her tumours have shrunk further. If they have, then one final round of chemo may be an option. After that, all of the fundraising kicks in and the next steps on Charley’s journey will be trodden.

Unfortunately later in the day on Friday Charley was rushed back into hospital and it was decided to keep her in the Royal Sussex County Hospital for 72 hours as her white blood cell count had dropped, which means that she can’t fight off infection.

When I visited her on Friday evening, it was a different Charley to the one I saw to earlier in the week, fed up, frustrated, and a little bit tearful but what remained the same was how overwhelmed she was by the incredible support from friends, family and so many others. The fundraising activities and events that are being organised are so outside the box. Charley’s take on this is “I love my friends because they’re all individual and slightly tapped!” (I had to Google this to discover it means crazy or insane, thanks Charley).

Here’s hoping for positive news tomorrow and a good week ahead for Charley. Please continue to follow all of the fundraising events on this page, tapped or not and thank you so much for all of your support and generosity because we all understand that “There are things that have to be done and you do them!”

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