Would you waterski from Canada to USA for a friend in need?

So, for those of you who are good at geography, you will know that these two countries are in fact linked by land, however, Lake Ontario does stretch between the two, and Alistair Carlow (34) and his wife Laura (31) have decide to waterski the 64 mile run from Toronto to Niagara Falls and BACK!

Alistair first met Charley doing seasonal work for a holiday company, Mark Warner, where they both worked as Waterski Instructors over 10 years ago. Alistair has always been a little daring, shall we say, with his water sports passion, and has sustained various bumps along the way, from a dislocated thumb to an inverted foot, to mention but a few. However, Charley’s most memorable moment was when he borrowed her super duper waterski which threw him off and resulted in four stitches behind the ear!

So, you can imagine our concern when Alistair told us about this challenge, but we have faith in your abilities Alistair, you can do it! The challenge is anticipated to take a minimum of 2.5 hours travelling at 22mph. With a 7am start, they should see the finish line by approximately 10am, where they will have a police rib escort them back to shore to meet the local press.

The whole event will be documented using a GoPro camera so we should start getting some video footage of training soon, ahead of the big day. If you would like to sponsor Alistair and Laura please visit our gofundme page and donate using the #waterski4charley.

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