Brighton students boost C4C!


Ever worked somewhere that is more like a family than a place of work? I have….



I am Jess, Charley’s partner and a PE teacher at the Dorothy Stringer School. I really felt that, although I am not an author, I should put pen to paper about my fantastic school and let you know how they have helped me, not only to get back to work, but also in their phenomenal fundraising efforts for Cure4Charley.
Dorothy Stringer School is a community I have been part of for nearly eight years, and although I have always known it was special, I didn’t quite realise until now, just how special it was.
A very good friend and colleague agreed to talk to staff and students on my behalf about the launch of the Cure4Charley campaign and the result has been truly amazing!
We knew it was a fantastic school, but we have been overwhelmed by the kind wishes, offers of support, donations and fundraising ideas they have all come up with. Here are just a few:
  • Lots of my old netball teams donated to Cure4Charley and are coming back after the summer to do the Cycle4Charley bike ride. It’s not only students taking part either. Around 40 teachers will be doing the bike ride and volunteered to be support staff too.
  • With all the hot weather we’ve had lately, the school business club sold ice lollies and this made a whopping £152!
  • One extra special student dedicated the £100 prize that she won from school for exemplary behaviour and achievement to c4c.
  • A group of teachers volunteered to be sponged by students today and raised around £100.
  • The geography department dedicated their staff meal money which came to £70.
  • One form gave extra for non uniform day, which totalled £40.

I think you’ll agree that this was an amazing effort by the staff and students at Dorothy Stringer and Charley, Aurelia and myself cannot thank them enough. As we reach the quarter way mark in our efforts to raise £100,000 to hopefully give Charley a chance of life, this is an excellent example of just how amazing people are being in their efforts to help!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU – from the bottom of my heart.

Lots of love,


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