Feeling the C4C love as far as Oz!


We’ve been bowled over by how much love there is here in the UK! Overnight the fund topped £11,000 and is still going strong! Amazing, amazing, amazing!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, shared the page, tweeted and sent messages of support. It’s been an awesome journey so far and every word of support, every donation, gives us the strength to keep motoring forward. If this is what can be achieved in days, who knows what the future holds?

We’ve also received some fantastic international support from as far afield as the USA, South Africa and Australia. So, we thought we’d share one of the messages with you:

“Wow! What an amazing start to fundraising. I wanted to let you guys know I am determined to do everything and anything over here in Australia.

I’ve just started working at a very busy tourist office called ‘crocs cove’ in the city and will also be starting part time work at another your desk on the wharf. My initial idea was to put a bucket out with your pics on and tell People about it/spread the word. When I collect the Aussie money I could transfer this into pounds through uk4x. But then I thought I could do some kind of fundraising event too!

“Darwin is a big enough place! I’m speaking with my boss over the next few days and we’ll get some ideas flowing. Then hopefully I can set something up online. I love you Charley, I wish on every shooting star and I’m ready to get fundraising. I’ll keep you updated. Love Frannie. Xxxxx”


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