I am just coming round from a bad week following my sixth round of chemo. This is one of the last rounds of chemotherapy that I will be able to have because of the impact on my vital organs.

I’ve got a scan on July 22 and if the tumour has shrunk again, then I will be offered one more round of chemo and that will be it for the chemotherapy. It’s left me wondering what next. Sometimes it just seems as though immunotherapy is going to be my only hope of seeing my daughter grow up.

I have only just seen the kind, kind donations and words of encouragement from everyone who has donated so far. I am totally blown away and can’t stop crying! One thing is for sure, it’s given me added strength to keep going on.

THANK YOU to each and every person who has donated or shared this page – you have given me much needed hope.

We are still finalising the web page and will have a list of events on there by the end of today.

My friends and family are truly amazing and are so far organising a bike ride from the Royal Marsden to Brighton, selling old tennis racquets, a kids summer camp, an open mic night, quiz nights and even a tyre tossing event!

If you have any ideas on more events or would like to get involved, please get in touch.

Love, Charley x


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